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In this video, I have explained the rationale behind several trades I provided for the private group in March 2023 to explain how I look for trade setups etc. The first couple of minutes are the highlights, followed by some commentary on the rest of the video where I explain everything in detail.

In this video I have provided another example of trading the failure of the inside bar pattern.

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In this video, I have highlighted something really important which forms the basis of most of my analysis and trading.


This is by far my favourite reversal pattern and in this video I have used silver to show examples...

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In this article I have provided plenty of before and after charts to reveal some of the ways I look for trade setups. If you are a struggling traders, this is a must.

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In this article, I have discussed reasons why you look to enter a trade before a breakout takes place.

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Here's is exactly when I normally adjust my stop loss order when in a trade.

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Patience is very important when it comes to trading. You don't want to unload your gun shooting blindly - leave some bullets for when the elephant walks past you.

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Not all trades work, but the losses can teach you more than your winners, if you are willing to learn.

Here's how I typically manage risk while in a trade. I have included plenty of charts and a video to show graphically how risk was managed.

Trading the failure of the inside bar pattern is one of my favourite strategies and in this video I have explained how exactly you can look for and trade such setups.

Double top

I am not a big fan of double tops or triple tops. In fact, I often look for these setups to fail, simply because there will be a lot of stop loss orders above them.

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My favourite candle patterns

There are a few candlestick formations that I love. But it is not all about the shape of the candles. Where and when they occur is more important.

Key reversal patterns

These include the Head and Shoulders, Double Bottoms/Tops and False Breaks. The latter is my favourite.