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Trading is all about risk management

In this article, I have discussed how I typically manage risk while in a trade. I have included plenty of charts and a video to show graphically how risk was managed. Click HERE to view the article.


Trading the fakeout (video)

This is by far my favourite reversal pattern and in this video I have used silver to show examples... Click HERE to view the video.

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How I look for trades

In this article I have provided plenty of before and after charts to reveal some of the way I look for discretionary trade setups. Click HERE to view the article.

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Trading breakouts effectively

In this article, I have discussed various ways of trading breakouts. The key takeaway point is that you don't need to rush and chase the market.

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My favourite candle patterns

There are a few candlestick formations that I love. But it is not all about the shape of the candles. Where and when they occur is more important.

Key reversal patterns

These include the Head and Shoulders, Double Bottoms/Tops and False Breaks. The latter is my favourite.