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My Proprietary Trading Strategy

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  • This is a higher time-frame trend-following strategy. We buy dips in an uptrend, and sell rallies in a downtrend based on predefined and objective rules
  • Almost 100% objective. Only subjectivity is the decision whether to take the trade or not
  • Suitable for traders who have patience and/or those who have other jobs and can’t be actively managing their positions.

Technical Analysis Key Concepts

  • This is for those who want to learn some of the most important technical analysis concepts I have learned over the year and use in my own analysis and trading to look for discretionary trade ideas
  • NO indicators - pure price action on live charts of your favourite currency pairs, commodities, stocks or cryptos.
  • Any time frames - these concepts are not tied to any particular time frame.

To learn more about my proprietary trading system or key technical analysis concepts for discretionary trades, contact me to arrange a Skype/Zoom meeting or in person if you are in London.