CAD/JPY could follow GBP/JPY lead and break higher

Thanks to ongoing risk-on and reflationary trades, stock and crude oil markets extended their gains on Thursday, while safe-haven Japanese yen and gold sold off. The USD/JPY was among the best USD pairs, while other yen pairs also rallied – most notably, the GBP/JPY thanks to a hawkish Bank of England. Investors are now looking ahead to the publication of US jobs report on Friday. But we will also have the Canadian employment report released at the same time. So, the USD/CAD could be an interesting pair to watch when the reports are released. However, with the JPY selling off, I am keen to keep the focus on the yen pairs for now. Among them, the CAD/JPY is the next one to watch for a possible breakout, with the CAD finding good support from ongoing crude oil rally. A potentially stronger-than-expected Canadian employment report on Friday could be the trigger for a bigger rally.

Before we discuss the CAD/JPY, lets discuss the GBP/JPY first. The latter staged a nice rally on Thursday rally from the support area shown on the chart after the Bank of England was less dovish than expected, causing the pound to rally across the board on Thursday. But with Brexit being avoided last month and the UK vaccinating more than 10 million people, the path of least resistance was always going to be to the upside for the GBP/JPY. So, I think more gains will follow for this pair. Luckily, the ledges in the private group got on board the rally before it took off as you can see from the before/after charts:

GBP/JPY Daily chart
Source: and
GP/JPY before
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GBP/JPY after
Source: and

I have shared the GBP/JPY trade setup that I posed to the private group, because the CAD/JPY is showing a similar setup as you will see below. The CAD/JPY has in fact started to move above the key resistance zone in the 81.50-82.10 range – and area which is now potentially going to be support:

CAD/JPY Daily chart
Source: and

From here, the CAD/JPY could rise towards the point of origin of the initial breakdown in February 2020, at around 82.70 to 83.00, before potentially taking out the 2020 high at 84.75 next.

It is important therefore that the bulls manage to defend the above support area for price to maintain its bullish bias and attract fresh buying as rates make higher highs and higher lows. The private group has been informed exactly how we are going to trade this setup.

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