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[Video] Trading Inside Bar Failure Pattern

I talk a lot about liquidity and trading the inside bar failure pattern, so I thought let’s create a short video and discuss these topics in greater detail. So how do you trade the inside bar failure? Here is how I do it: If you want to learn how I turn my analysis reports and …

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The secret to win is to learn from losses

Not all trades work I have previously shared some of my before & after trade details (most recently HERE and HERE), mostly of those that provided a profit. But it is from the ones that do not work that you learn more from about. So in this short article I have shared the details of …

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[Video] Trading the fakeout

The fakeout or a false break is by far my favourite reversal pattern. Knowing how to identify such setups can be very rewarding if traded correctly – hence the saying that from false breaks come fast moves in the opposite direction. You can learn more about false breaks on Investopedia, so I won’t bore you …

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